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Tillandsia Usneoides & Care Guide

Tillandsia Spanish moss

A fun fact about Spanish moss is that it is neither Spanish nor a moss. It is native to the United States and has a characteristic hairy-like appearance. The fun thing about growing Spanish moss is that it does not require any soil and you could literally hang anywhere you’d like!


How do we take care of Tillandsia Spanish moss?


You can choose to place your Tillandsia bulbosa in a shady and humid area or a place that has indirect sunlight. 



We suggest watering the plant once a day and water only when the plant is completely dry.



Room temperature (25 to 28 °C) is suggested for this plant species.



You can mix the NPK 21-21-21 fertiliser (available in our shop, check out “Imported Formulated Orchid Fertilizer”) with water and apply it (by spraying) to the plant once per month.