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Tillandsia Bulbosa & Care Guide

Tillandsia bulbosa

Tentacle-like air plant? You’ve heard it, it’s Tillandsia bulbosa. The plant is originated from several regions of the world including South America and the West Indies. Tillandsia bulbosa requires no soil and can be placed on top of containers or plants which extend their tiny roots to absorb water and nutrient in a non-parasitic way. 


How do we take care of Tillandsia bulbosa?


You can choose to place your Tillandsia bulbosa in a shady and humid area or a place that has indirect sunlight. 



We suggest watering the plant once a day. 



Room temperature (25 to 28 °C) is suggested for this plant species.



You can mix the NPK 21-21-21 fertiliser (available in our shop, check out “Imported Formulated Orchid Fertilizer”) with water and apply it (by spraying) to the plant once per month. 


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